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How to fix a keyboard that has wrong characters in Dell computer?

Dell is one of the leading brands in the market and this brand has carved a niche for itself among a number of competitors in this industry. This company is capable in catering needs of its user’s successfully and that is a reason the most preferred brand in the market. Its technicians have its main focus on offering updated features and functions to its users so that it can meet the expectations of customers. Despite its incredible features, users face wrong characters problem and it needs a resolution so that a user can get make of his/her laptop.

There are some factors responsible for this situation and it leaves you in a problematic situation. In this blog, you’ll read a complete description of steps to fix this issue or you wish you can contact Dell support team too.

When you face this issue, your keyboard doesn’t work appropriately and when you press any key on the keyboard, a different character appears on your screen.

This may take place due to a different keyboard is listed in the text services. The standard keyboard US and this must be in your list in the text service section of your device’s control panel.

Step-1. In order to fix this issue, a used needs to remove all other keyboards other than standard US keyboard. So to complete this, follow these

steps. Note: If you turn ON Num Lock on your Dell computer, this also makes different characters on your screen. So, bring it to a same functionality, press Fn + NumLock.

Step-2. First, click “Start” on the left of your screen and then go to “Settings” and next navigate to “Control Panel”.

Step-3. Now you have to double-click on “Regional and language” options there and click “Languages” tab.

Step-4. In its “Text services and input languages” pane, click “Details”.

Step-5. Now go to Installed Services pane and click any keyboard listed other than US, and click remove.

Once the confirmation message appears, you need to click “Yes”.
You need to repeat step 5 until all listed keyboards except US are deleted.

Once you follow these steps, reboot your computer and hopefully, you won’t face the same issue again. If you need help then make a call on phone support Dell Australia 1-800-921-785

If you are living in Adelaide and looking for PC repair then visit our Dell service centre Adelaide to get 24*7 instant help by our technicians.

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